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Animefest is the biggest Japanese culture and pop culture themed festival in Czech republic since 2004 and takes place from May 24-26, 2024 at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Our attendees have a wide range of interests from anime and manga, comics, films and TV shows, to games and cosplay.

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With total attendance over 29.000 visitors (11500 unique visitors) in 2023, Animefest is a great opportunity to sell your products.

Vendor stalls will be in hall E (main entrance to Animefest and lot of programming).

Each vendor stall includes:

Standard vendor unit is 3x3 m, indivisible.

Option for smaller space: 2,5 x 1,8 m (located next to column), total space 4,5 m2. Limited availability, will be confirmed individually.

Option for premium location in the center of the hall, floor space as requested. Select your own space dimensions, minimum 10 m2. Price 1400 CZK/m2 (56 €) (without VAT), 1694 CZK/m2 (67,8 €) (with VAT). Limited availability, we guarantee one open corner, we don't guarantee "island booth", dimensions and location will be confirmed.

Available furniture: table 1,2 x 0,6 m - 300 CZK, chair - 200 CZK.

Please note before applying for a vendor space that Animefest is strongly against counterfeit and bootleg goods and is working with the Fake Is Sad group, which is focused on counterfeit goods checking. Merchandise with stolen designs or goods with unclear origin will not be possible to sell at Animefest.
Sale of "mystery box" and similar products is possible only after agreement with organizer, all products in the box must conform to rules about legal origin. Please e-mail us with references or photos from other events before registering.
Sale or use of AI-generated artwork is prohibited.

Do you have any questions? Contact our Vendors Manager directly via e-mail:

Czech VAT will be charged to all prices, even for VAT payers from other EU countries, as instructed by Czech Tax Office based on the EU directive (Subsection 2). If you're VAT payer in EU country, you may ask for VAT refund.

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