Vendors, Animefest 2021

Current update: by the goverment decision, all mass events are cancelled. Animefest 2020 is cancelled and moved to Animefest 2021.

Animefest is the biggest Japanese culture and pop culture themed festival in Czech republic since 2004 and takes place from May 21-23, 2021 at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Our attendees have a wide range of interests from anime and manga, comics, films and TV shows, to games and cosplay.

With over 7000 unique visitors in 2019, Animefest is a great opportunity to sell your products. We are currently accepting vendor applications – until March 31.

The vendor space includes:

The price for one vendor space is 3267 CZK (~135 €) (including VAT), 2700 CZK (~110 €) (without VAT).

If you need more vendor spaces without vendor passes, the price without a vendor pass is 2662 CZK (~110 €) (including VAT), 2200 CZK (~90 €) (without VAT). You can rent up to 8 vendor spaces.

Please note before applying for a vendor space that Animefest is strongly against counterfeit and bootleg goods and is working with the Fake Is Sad group, which is focused on counterfeit goods checking. Merchandise with stolen designs or goods with unclear origin will not be possible to sell at Animefest.

Do you have any questions? Contact our Vendors Manager directly via e-mail: vendors@animefest.cz.

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