Dealers’ room registration, Animefest 2020

Welcome to the vendors reservation page for Animefest 2020!
Information for vendors

By registering your stall you are bound to keep the rules of Animefest. Breaking the rules might result in closing the stall with no rights to get the rent fee or any other refund.

Ordering furniture and equipment

Please order your furniture already when registering. Most common furniture is listed right in the form, for more please see the Expo catalogue.
Please, specify also number of tables and chairs One table and chair is free for each unit. If you don't specify tables/chairs, we will book the space without furniture.

What to expect after you fill the form

Please fill in the registration form below. We will process your reservation request within 7 days and then we will email you the confirmation and payment instructions.

When you fill in the registration form we will also email you link to this form so you can make changes. Please pay attention to part labeled as “Web promo” as this will be presented on our web site.

For any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by email